11 Cat Supplements & When To Use Them

Keeping your pet healthy is a primary concern for many pet owners, cat parents included! Cat supplements can be a great way to support older cats and even kittens in various ways, from boosting your cat's immune system to helping with respiratory health and joint health.

If you're looking for tips on buying a cat supplement that can be put in your cat's food or used as a daily multivitamin, you're in the right place.



11 Most Common Cat Supplements

We've listed 11 essential cat supplements from Taurine to Omega 3 with advice on when to use them. We recommend checking with your vet before giving a new supplement to your cat, especially if your cat is currently on cat medication. Let's get started!

Cat Arthritis Supplements

Arthritis is a common issue for cats as they get older, and arthritis supplements may help ease the symptoms. For example, you may notice that they have more difficulty going up and downstairs. Cats will slow down as they get older, but if you can see that they don’t want to move very much, they may be suffering from arthritis.

3 Benefits Of Arthritis Supplements

Taurine Supplements For Cats

Taurine is an essential amino acid that plays a key role in so many different parts of your cat’s body. Taurine is part of any cat’s healthy digestion, immune system, vision, and it keeps their hearts in good condition. Cats can get their taurine from meat, but supplements will ensure they get enough.

3 Benefits Of Taurine Supplements

Joint Supplements For Cats

It is never a good sign when we notice that our cats are having a harder time getting around than they usually do. Joint supplements can be a big help towards protecting them. Being able to jump, run, dig and play is such a huge part of how our cats stay happy and healthy.


3 Benefits Of Joint Supplements

Iron Supplements For Cats

Iron plays a crucial role in maintaining your cat’s day to day health. It is a huge part of what keeps their red blood cells healthy and keeps the oxygen flowing properly through their veins. You should always check with your vets before giving your cat these supplements, as too much iron can cause serious issues.

3 Benefits Of Iron Supplements

Omega 3 Supplements For Cats

You may have heard of Omega 3 being important for your own health by helping with your joints and skin. But it can also be a great way to keep your cat happy and healthy too, which is why it’s in so many healthy cat treats. It’s a term for a group of fatty acids that have a lot of health benefits.

3 Benefits Of Omega 3 Supplements

Calcium Supplements For Cats

Calcium is one of the most important elements in making sure that your cat’s bones and teeth stay healthy, and it is also crucial for maintaining a healthy nervous system. However, a lot of the natural sources of calcium, such as milk and cheese, are not healthy dietary choices for your feline.

3 Benefits Of Calcium Supplements

Supplements For Senior Cats

As your cat gets older, you will notice that they start to become more susceptible to a range of different health issues. One of the biggest problems is that their bodies find it harder to process and absorb a lot of the essential nutrients from their food, which is where supplements come in. They help offer crucial support.

3 Benefits Of Supplements For Senior Cats

Immune Support Supplements

If you have a senior cat, you may have noticed that they find it harder to fight off infections than they used to. Even a small scratch can create serious issues if your cat’s immune system is not working as well as it could. Lacking key elements of their diet could contribute to this.

3 Benefits Of Immune Support Supplements

Cat Supplements For Healthy Skin

It’s easy to notice when your cat is having skin issues. You will see that their fur is lacklustre, and their skin is flaking and in need of a boost. And when your cat’s skin is not at its healthy best, they will be prone to scratching and biting at it. This increases the risk of infection.

3 Benefits Of Healthy Skin Supplements

Digestive Health Supplements

It goes without saying that a healthy digestive system is so important to keeping your cat happy and healthy. If your cat is suffering from poor gut health, then they may not be able to absorb all those vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins they need. Digestive issues can be at the root of several different issues.

3 Benefits Of Digestive Health Supplements

Calming Cat Supplements

Many cats suffer from anxiety and stress. This can happen because they have moved into a new home and are settling into their surroundings or recovering from a medical issue. Keeping your cat settled and content can be difficult if they are prone to being skittish.

3 Benefits Of Calming Cat Supplements

Cat Supplements FAQ

We know that you want the best for your cat’s health, and with so many different supplements out there, it can feel a little overwhelming. Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Should cats take supplements?

Supplements may help your cat to deal with specific health issues ranging from anxiety to arthritis. You should always talk to your vet before you start giving your cat supplements as they may conflict with any existing medication. With their sign-off, supplements can be a great natural way to keep your cat healthy.

What supplements do cats need?

All cats need a little extra help staying healthy as they get older, which is where supplements may help. The supplements that your cat needs will depend on the specific issue that they have. For example, if your cat is struggling with itchy or dry skin, then a supplement with vitamins and minerals which boost skin health may help.

Do cat supplements work?

Cat supplements can help your cat’s body to work at its best by giving them the specific minerals and vitamins they should be getting every day from their diet. However, some pet foods do not contain enough of these ingredients, and your cat may also be struggling to absorb them. Supplements are not medication, but they can give your cat a boost.

Should I give my cat vitamins every day?

You should give your cat vitamins every day if their food does not provide them with the recommended daily dose of the essentials that they need. You should always talk to your vet before giving your cat vitamins, as giving them too much of any vitamin could result in health issues.

What's the difference between cat supplements & vitamins?

Cat supplements and cat vitamins are very similar, but they are not quite the same. Cat vitamins will only contain, as the name suggests, vitamins. Cat supplements will almost certainly contain vitamins but will also include minerals and other important ingredients, such as iron and taurine. Always check the ingredients in any supplement.

Do I need a prescription to buy cat supplements online?

Most cat supplements do not require a prescription to buy online. You will require a prescription if you want to buy medication for your cat online. However, you should always talk to your vet before you start giving your cat supplements. They may be able to help you choose the right one for your pet.


If you are concerned about your cat’s health, then supplements can be a great way of ensuring that they are getting the support they need. As your cat ages, they may need a little more help with critical areas, such as their digestion or skin, which is exactly where supplements can help. You can find a great range of supplements at Vet Pharmacy Online, as well as a wealth of resources to help you provide your cat with the best care.