How to order a Prescription?

If you need advice, please call our UK Veterinary Practice on 07367366514 where we are happy to help and give advice.


Some of our items require a Vet Prescription in order for you to buy them. While you will be able to add these POM-V (Prescription Only Medicines -Veterinary) items to your cart, you will not be able to pay for and complete your order until you have uploaded a prescription to the cart.

Veterinary prescriptions must be signed by a veterinary surgeon who is registered in either the UK or Europe. Each prescription is a legal document and, as such, we can only despatch medication to the same country that the prescription was issued in.

Contained within your prescription will be written instructions outlining the medication that is needed, the amount to be supplied, information regarding whether or not it is eligible for repeats, details about the animal, the animals owner and confirmation of the veterinary surgeon who prescribed it.


How do I get a prescription?


When a Vet has diagnosed a problem with your pet or animal, they will prescribe you any necessary treatment. If they are supplying you the medication from their own pharmacy, they will not give you a copy of the prescription. However, if your vet determines that POM-V products are necessary, and you would like to buy the medicine elsewhere, they are obliged under law to write you a prescription. All you have to do is ask!


I’ve got my prescription. Now what? 


Now that you have a prescription from your vet, type the name of the product you need into the search bar to find the product and add the item to your cart as you would any other product. Take care to make sure the product size or quantity is the same as what your vet has prescribed. You can also add any other non-prescription items you wish to purchase to your cart as well.

Once you have added all your items to the cart, you must upload your prescription. Please do so by selecting a file from your computer and clicking upload. The file must be in one of the formats JPG, PDF, DOC or DOCx. If you are unable to upload a file in this format you can email us the file, along with the details of your order, to


What happens next?


After we have validated your prescription we will send you a confirmation email with the shipping details.

Please remember, we take time to verify each and every prescription received. Any attempt to forge or tamper with a prescription is a criminal offence and will be treated as such. We will notify you if we suspect your prescription has been illegally tampered with in addition to contacting the prescribing veterinary practice.

If the authenticity of your prescription proves false we will immediately cancel the order, de-activate the user account, and report the misuse to the Veterinary Medicines Directive. In some cases, we may also report the matter to the police and charge a reporting fee.


What Happens If My Pet Requires Long Term Treatment?


If your pet requires lifetime or long-term medication the vet will write “repeats” on your form. The number of repeats written on the prescription will determine how many times you can use that prescription to order medicine before you must visit your vet again for examination. You can only buy to the maximum amount of medication prescribed and only for as long as it is valid.